Spending time With Friends

Ahh…the Holidays…they are hard for some people. There is the running around, the buying, the running, the buying the running the buyingtherunningbuyingrunnguyrunbuy…

So, it’s during the holidays that I try to take some downtime from all of this craziness and spend time with friends, both old and new.

This usually coincides with a big year-end cleaning of the shop, which gives me the opportunity to visit with some old and new friends of a different kind. I spend this time in the shop thinking about how bringing these friends together might result in the creation of something beautiful. Odd, I know, that my friends just hang out in my shop, available for me anytime, but that’s how they roll.

 These friends all have great potential, or at least had great potential in the past, but I believe in them, and I know that someday they will amount to more. These friends are rich, they are colorful, they are full of character.  I love them for all of their imperfections.

 Some are just crazy, but I let them hang around anyway.  I love them, and almost hate to see them go.  But go they must. They must forge ahead on to greener pastures. 

 This is sort of how it goes: 

…Hello slab, rescued from a home remodel.  How ’bout a new life as a side table?  

Hello Kirei scraps, I’d like you to meet these salvaged mirrors. And, ooh who do we have here?

Palmwood strips, please meet bamboo scraps. 

And you small pieces of frosted glass, who would you like to meet? Perhaps you’d like to live as a writing desk of sorts? 

And alas, my dearest friend, the old 1970 Volkswagen, is this the season we dance? Perhaps we plan a vacation together… after the new interior of course…oh this is truly a time to dream.

I love this time of the holidays.  I’m on a small winter break from teaching, I can take a break from clients, whom I love and rely on, and give myself the gift of quiet time in the shop to visit with my motley crew.

So, to all my friends, old and new, I want to say Happy Holidays. I invite you all to come say hello this Holiday season. We’ll all be in the shop.

-Topher Paterno


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