A Turning (and Pizza) Party

Making furniture as a business, it generally takes an actual project that requires a new aspect of the craft to make the time to work on it. I’m sure most people who take their hobby to a professional level find some version of this. So, I was pretty stoked on this idea for our BoxCo meeting. Meet on a weekend and experiment with the lathe. In our wood shop, we turn legs for some pieces, and bowls from time to time, but (believe it or not) there just isn’t a lot of time to mess around.

The Lathe

Pooling our tool resources, the BoxCo members located two lathes in close proximity as Topher and Cliff work next door. Sam had recently milled a salvaged black oak tree for Gary, and we had some walnut blanks we’d been waiting to use.

Sam turning.

Some bowls.

Casey turning

Pizza. MMMmmm

Turning Tools

No actual masterpiece was completed in the few hours, but it was good practice and great pizza. You can see some more aspirational examples at the Del Mano Gallery in Los Angeles and the Wood Turning Center in Philadelphia.


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