whyrHymer Promo

Moving here to be an actor turned out to not quite be what Entertainment Tonight led me to believe.  Those anchors just make it seems so inviting and dang easy!  But I did learn a lot about filmmaking and this is an aspect of my work that was an unexpected new source of creative power to develop within my efforts of promoting my work.  Technology has allowed someone like myself to produce this video in my house against a large piece of white paper and various settings in my shop with very little cost besides the camera (Cannon 7D).  It takes a lot of planning to be able to shoot and work at the same time without a project taking double the time.  I learned the hard way!

Video on the internet is exploding and this is my effort and I will surely bring more.Be on the look out for a LA Box Collective video soon from our first show at Alt Build with an as he is carving impromptu but insightful interview with BoxCo member William Stranger.  Stay Tuned….

Take care.


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