New Frontier

It’s rare that I hit a design on the first try.  I don’t waste time making mock up’s or prototypes, I just let it fly and hope for the best. When I made the first versions of the two table lamps I knew they were close but I needed to see something before I could get the right combination of elements happening.  The floor lamp is painted with a waterborne lacquer that is non toxic but expensive.  But, it’s worth it.  I have been wanting to see this lamp for over a year and now it’s alive. These lamps are on their way to DeSousa Hughes in a few weeks.  What I love the most about these lamps is they are all made from the off cuts of other commissions, with the exception of the Glass Series No.8 floor lamp.  The metal is recycled copper plated in nickel.  I shot some footage of these guy’s today and I have posted the video below.  Enjoy and take care.

I have posted it below for you to see.  Enjoy and take care


2 responses to “New Frontier

  1. These are absolutely stunning, especially for prototypes. I am in love! I think you did a fabulous job and I KNOW these are going to become popular and take off! Kudos!

  2. amazing. can i buy one of these?

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