The Ever Evolving whyrHymer….

Lighting is incredible. It’s very frustrating at times…. it’s magic all the time…… and most importantly, it influences how you feel when you are near it.  Think about this the next time you are in the company of a beautiful light source.  I knew lighting would be one of the most important business models I could develop for whyrHymer because most furniture designer/makers don’t focus on lighting in a personal context as someone like myself can.  Most of the larger companies lighting is generic and boring to say the least.  But I have been fortunate to have found some great resources that have allowed my visions to manifest into what is my lighting collection today.

As much as I love the challenge of all the lights I make, I look forward to a cabinet or chairs after two or three lamps in a row. Lot’s & lot’s of small steps and details. Safety is also paramount, which is the focus of  the accompanying short film.  Take a look feel free to share it with everyone and enjoy!

Take care.


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