The Turntable Cabinet is Finished!

Actually it’s been done for weeks but I’m finally getting around to editing the photos and blogging about it.  Honestly, I needed a break from it after working on it for weeks but I recently was at the owner’s home for some more work and I was able to visit it again and take some photos of it.  I always like seeing my furniture being enjoyed and used.

In its home.

This is it with the lid up to access the turntable and the doors positioned in the center to expose the speakers which are behind removable cloth panels.

When I opened it to photograph the interior they had Kind of Blue on the turntable.  Nice.

David Johnson – Sidecar Furniture

5 responses to “The Turntable Cabinet is Finished!

  1. I’m so in love with this turntable cabinet, how i wish i have this in my home so sweet home,

  2. Great piece if only I could afford it. Do you have a price?

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks! This Turntable cabinet is $7500. I am working on a new line of pieces based on this and the TV Console with slight design and material changes that will reduce the price. If you’re interested let me know and thanks again.


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