Happy New Year! As we’ve finished off this holiday season I believe there’s no more appropriate time to talk about leftovers. And I’m not talking about turkey or even stuffing. I believe part of being a good designer is creating with an efficient use of materials. Sure all of us BoxCo members save any scraps in the event that they’ll be perfect for that little piece or detail someday down the road, but I’m talking about some even smaller leftovers: sawdust.

The great thing about working with hard woods is that all your sawdust is natural, meaning there are no preservative chemicals or adhesives in it. That means it’s great for the garden! I’ve recently begun composting with a great little machine from a company called NatureMill.

In addition to food scraps, good compost needs the proper proportion of “brown” material such as leaves and dead plants, or in this case saw dust. (Of which we’ve all got plenty on hand!) With this machine the process happens indoors and with only a lightly earthly aroma when you open the lid to put new scraps in. OK, well, maybe it occasionally smells like dirty socks when you open it, but living in a small apartment doesn’t afford the luxury of a yard. Nor a place for gardening, so for now the compost is given away to some lucky friends!

-Robert Apodaca


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