At the risk of sounding hokey, I’ve been thinking about friends recently.
It started with Riiska, just before Christmas. We decided, spur of the moment, and really last minute, to make a table for Divine Design 2010, which benefits Project Angel Food. In retrospect, this idea might have a been ill-advised. We were both overworked, and late on a couple of paying projects, let alone making something completely new to donate. But we found a way to make it happen. The thing about Andy is he shows up, every day with a smile on his face, ready to laugh, ready to roll with whatever he finds. And that is something that shows in the work. If you haven’t take a look at what Andy makes, you should. It’s technically excellent, it’s playful and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
I’m really proud of what we made for Divine Design. As collaborations go, it’s a real grand slam because it has quite recognizable elements from both of us, and it’s also an object completely its own. I was reminded as we worked that good collaboration requires sense of humor, humility, and endless patience. And as we worked, and rejected ideas, and dealt with schedule, and came up with other ideas, Riiska just kept coming with positivity and laughs. It made what could have been a real grinding last minute project a delight. I think our table demonstrates that.
But thinking about working with Riiska puts me in mind of the BoxCo. And here, I’ll take the hokiness a little further. There’s something about working with wood, working with clients, trying like hell to do right for the environment and feed your family, something to making a conscious effort to rein in on consumption and, through example remind ourselves and others that there is wealth in reuse, and simplicity, and functionality that makes you nice. There I said it: what we do makes us nice people. We probably wind up taking it on the chin for that sometimes, but life’s just better when you’re nice. So there’s my love note to the BoxCo. I’m glad to know you people. You make life better. Thanks for making what you make, the way you make it.


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