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We had a visit with the nice folks at the Craft and Folk Art Museum this week to discuss our show which will take place  there the Summer of 2016. It also gave us a chance to see how our desk is doing in the space. Very well I might say!




CAFAM Desk Debut

Tomorrow night the entry desk that the L.A. Box Collective built for the Craft and Folk Art Museum debuts to the public for the first time! It has been over a year in the making but has finally made it from its initial concept sketches to reality. But you didn’t think we’d spoil the surprise, did you? You’ll have to go to the opening to see it in its final form!

Join us at CAFAM for the opening reception for “Social Fabric and Scratching the Surface: Contemporary Wood Sculpture” and also check out the debut of the desk. The opening goes from 6-9pm and admission is $12 (or free if you are a museum member.) If you’d like to see the desk any other time for free just pay a visit to the CAFAM Museum Shop which also happens to be selling some smaller BoxCo pieces.

Desk Progress

It has been a busy summer for all of the BoxCo members but  some time has been made for progress on the new CAFAM front desk. Here’s a quick sneak peek as it sits in Cliff Spencer Furniture’s shop awaiting its top!

CAFAM – the before

Out with the old (desk) and in with the new…

Craft and Folk Art Museum

It’s quite rare indeed that the L.A. BoxCo gets to pool their talents and resources to produce a singular piece, together as a group. We’ve fortunately come across that opportunity with a new design for the entry desk of the Craft and Folk Art Museum across from LACMA on Wilshire. This tiny gem on Museum Row shows some really delightful exhibitions and is definitely worth a visit, especially if you’ve never been there.

Andrew Riiska taking some measurements.

The old desk is currently being demolished with all of its hardware to be repurposed for the future project. The new desk will be a perfect fit for the museum which promotes excellent design and craft, not to mention it will be made locally with sustainable methods.

So check back here to see the desk progress!


Robert Apodaca’s Dunnage Pieces and Process

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Our dunnage score contained a mix of red and white oak. The horizontal part of the organizer is white oak while the feet and upright are red oak. The shallow bowl is first carved with a CNC router. It is … Continue reading

Details Magazine

Congratulations to Andy Riiska, whose Inky and Pac Man tables are in the February issue of DETAILS magazine!

-Robert Apodaca


Happy New Year! As we’ve finished off this holiday season I believe there’s no more appropriate time to talk about leftovers. And I’m not talking about turkey or even stuffing. I believe part of being a good designer is creating with an efficient use of materials. Sure all of us BoxCo members save any scraps in the event that they’ll be perfect for that little piece or detail someday down the road, but I’m talking about some even smaller leftovers: sawdust.

The great thing about working with hard woods is that all your sawdust is natural, meaning there are no preservative chemicals or adhesives in it. That means it’s great for the garden! I’ve recently begun composting with a great little machine from a company called NatureMill.

In addition to food scraps, good compost needs the proper proportion of “brown” material such as leaves and dead plants, or in this case saw dust. (Of which we’ve all got plenty on hand!) With this machine the process happens indoors and with only a lightly earthly aroma when you open the lid to put new scraps in. OK, well, maybe it occasionally smells like dirty socks when you open it, but living in a small apartment doesn’t afford the luxury of a yard. Nor a place for gardening, so for now the compost is given away to some lucky friends!

-Robert Apodaca