Sidecar Furniture

“A piece of furniture must never have a back.  It must cohere: One shouldn’t be able to tell where it begins and where it ends.  You experience furniture from every angle and it must stand up to being seen from all sides”


Hans Wegner

Sidecar Furniture was founded in 2005 by David Johnson, whose beginnings in woodworking started early climbing walnut trees, building forts and chicken coops with his father in California’s rural Central Valley.  As a graduate from the prestigious College of the Redwoods in Mendocino, CA David has studied traditional woodworking techniques under one of the great woodworkers of our time, James Krenov.  In addition to careful work, Krenov teaches his students about proper balance with the proportions of a piece and that furniture should be inviting and pleasant to use and interact with.  This education remains as the base for David’s work today.

The masters of the mid-century Danish Modern continue to be a large influence on the pieces designed and produced by David.  The shared aesthetics are easy to see but David also shares many of the ethics of these craftsmen and designers. Especially the belief in the well crafted object.  It is true that the initial cost of a locally handmade piece can be high.  However, this cost becomes low when viewed over the long term as a piece of furniture that is well built and designed to span trends can be passed along to successive generations.  This also reduces the cycle of consumption and disposal which minimizes waste and landfill.

Each piece of Sidecar Furniture is made with wood that is sustainably harvested.  The primary source of wood is from urban forested trees.  Typically trees that are removed from our cities because of age, disease, or development are burned or ground up and disposed of.  David supports the growing urban forestry movement to use these woods that otherwise would end up in our landfills.  Other woods used are salvaged or certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  All finishes and glues used are nontoxic.

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