Stranger Furniture

Stranger Furniture is a design-build studio producing modern, organic furniture and cabinetry from sustainable materials.

William Stranger has been building fine furniture with a minimalist sensibility since 1987. Celebrating the marriage of simple forms and natural materials his work blurs the boundaries between art, design and craft. Each piece of stranger furniture is a unique object. The wood is carefully chosen and worked with the individual nature of the material in mind. Influenced by the simple structure of trees William strives to have as little impact on the environment as possible.

The primary source of material is local urban salvage. Trees that are blown over or cut down due to disease or construction are milled on site or at the arborist’s yard. This process allows the use of unique wood that would otherwise be wasted and keeps trees out of the landfill. Other materials include F.S.C. certified lumber, scrap wood left over from the fabrication process, reclaimed wood from demolished buildings and construction sites and alternative panel products with no added formaldehyde.  Finishes include zero VOC, pure plant derived oils with no thinners or driers and low VOC water based top coats.

“I prefer trees to tables. I cannot make trees but I find myself driven to make tables.”

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