Dzierlenga F+U

Dzierlenga F+U is a small, bi-coastal furniture company that strives to preserve the presence of heirloom quality in modern furniture.  We seek out the sparse core of traditional designs, and practice a fairly rough and tumble devotion to sustainable building practices.

Casey Dzierlenga is a native North Carolinian, whose path to the world of furniture making has been a winding one. A graduate of the film program at Emerson College in Boston, she did an obligatory stint working in the film industry in Los Angeles. A parting of ways with the industry led her to work some years for a sculptor, and then to apprentice at Samuel Moyer Furniture. It was under the kind auspices of SMF that she got her sea legs, and has since split off to form her own company, Dzierlenga F+U.

Casey currently splits her time between her Hudson Valley homestead and Los Angeles. In both locations, she works with local retailers and designers to promote a vibrant, small-batch, hand-made economy. Happily, and whole-heartedly.

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austfonna swing vroom2

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